Happy 4th of July, Everyone!

As I continue to venture further into business ownership and event coordination, I learn more and more each day through the connections I make with vendors!

This last week in particular, I have spent some time connecting with various hair and makeup artists both in Tennessee and Georgia for an upcoming wedding!

To keep this simple and sweet, I want to share some great tidbits of info. with you all regarding what I've learned about how hair and makeup professionals conduct business from first introduction through to completion.

Consultation vs. Trial Run

It is easy to confuse a consultation with a trial run - but there is, indeed, a difference. Consultations are a normal part of the booking process but are more-so meant as an initial conversation between the professional and client to learn about the bride's overall hair and makeup goals, likes, dislikes, etc.

A good way to think about a trial run is as the second step of the process! Whether you decide to book a hair and makeup artist prior to the trial run is to your discretion. However, a trial run is a great way to see a vendor's work in action in a more customized way - which can be helpful for making a booking decision if their portfolio and the consultation is not enough!

Additionally, consultations are typically free whereas trial runs, due to use of the professional's skill/time and hair/makeup product, can be known to have a fee associated with it. It is always good to ask the vendor in question what kind of fee you are looking at for the trial if any.

Travel Costs

Another thing to look out for is that most hair and makeup artists expect a level of reimbursement for travel costs. It is always good to ask what kind of travel fee you are looking at for them to come onsite the day of the event. On average, I have noticed most of the vendors I connected with had a mileage reimbursement cost of between .50 to .70 cents per mile calculated round trip.

Bridal vs. Bridesmaids

It is good to ask if there is a difference in pricing for bridal hair and makeup versus bridesmaid hair and makeup. This is dependent on the vendor. Some vendors just have a flat rate for hair styling per girl and makeup per girl. However, I did notice that for some of the vendors I spoke with there was a mark up on hair and makeup services for the bride - usually because the hair and makeup looks are a lot more elaborate as the bride is the focus!

Referrals & Reviews

These are your friend! With websites such as The Knot and Wedding Wire (both useful tools), there are tons of options at your fingertips to choose from and this can be overwhelming. Read those reviews! Also, don't be afraid to reach out to your network of family and friends for recommendations. Maybe you know someone who has recently gotten married in the vicinity of the venue you have chosen! If you loved their look on their wedding day, touch base and see if they can make a recommendation!

Happy searching!

XO, Heather