It's official! I am just one day out from commuting into Jax for Sarah and Nick's wedding! Somewhere along the way of all my preparations and car-ride playlist creations, I found myself needing some serious hair-love. I booked an appointment with the wonderful Helmet Hairworx salon in West Midtown and I am so glad I did!

Now, I know the way this post is kicking off seems completely unrelated to the event planning industry but stick with me!

One wash and a few snips into my new haircut, I entered into a great conversation with my stylist and wound up leaving with some excellent tips that were too good not to share!

Not only had my stylist just recently gotten married herself in August of last year, but she also does hair and airbrush makeup for weddings on the side! We got into conversations about some major tips for ensuring a successful consultation and excellent hair day for the big "I Do".

One of the biggest things I had not considered was that hairstyles look completely different on different shades of hair - i.e. blonde, brown, pink, what have you! For example, an intricate braid on a person with fair hair will be a lot more visible than a braid on a person with darker hair. (I will admit that every time I see a hairstyle à la Daenerys from Game of Thrones, I instantly get to work trying to recreate the glitz to no avail! But I'm also no hair stylist!) When researching styles for your big day, it is always helpful to realistically set expectations by targeting hairstyle images of people with your same shade of hair. That way, you have a better idea of how a design (such as an intricate braid or twist) will truly appear within your shade.

The second aspect to consider is hair texture. Now, I know this one is a given. Odds are if you have really curly hair that doesn't take well to straightening, you will be searching for styles that enhance your natural gorgeous locks versus a stick straight style! It is perfectly okay to research all sorts of styles but it is always best to approach it with the mindset that hair texture varies. The style may not be perfectly identical to the photo you found as a reference and that is okay! It makes it more your own for your day!

The third thing to keep in mind is bring photos on photos on photos!

Okay, so maybe you don't really need to bring a ton of pictures for the consultation - but five photos or so will do the trick! When picking out photos of hairstyles, I find that more often than not we do tend to focus more on what the back looks like than anything. A great tip here is to not only bring what ideas you have for your wedding do' from behind, but to also find photos of what you would like the hair to look like from the front! For example, if you are loving how the back looks on a sleek chignon but you are wanting some more party at the top in terms of a bouffant - bring a photo and let your HMUA know! Not only will this give you a more comprehensive vision behind what you are targeting for your day, but it will help your stylist during the consultation to make sure you are receiving them at their very best!

I hope you enjoyed these tips as much as I enjoyed repeating them! Have a great day, lovelies, and stay tuned for the soon to come blog feature of Nick and Sarah's wedding!