I have been very lucky between this year and last to book an amazing set of clients that really bring out what I love most about the event planning industry! Whether it be the reveal of a beautiful wedding dress or a daddy-daughter first look, it is the surprises to me that make each event lively and filled with character. Kimberley and Russ's wedding is no exception. In fact, they win January's best reveal award in my book!

When I first began talking with Kimberley and heard the plan for their wedding, I was so intrigued! Kimberley was seeking a smaller bouquet with a rustic yet romantic feel, a boutonniere, two tall flower arrangements, and eleven smaller arrangements to be placed throughout their venue. She loved the idea of more muted tones for the arrangements with pops of color. Cheers to Kimberley for this simple design choice!!

After having seen the venue, it was so beautiful on its own that a simple collection of floral arrangements was a stunning accompaniment to its easy charm. Kimberley and Russ rented a 1920s mansion in Midtown for their surprise wedding under the guise of their annual party! We opted for a beautiful mix of pale green hydrangea, purple larkspur, pale blue irises, white dendrobium orchids, white lilies, and seeded eucalyptus. 

Being that I only did the floral arrangements for this event - I was not actually there for the surprise bit! However, the plan was for Kimberley and Russ to slip out midway through their "annual" party. Kimberley would change into her wedding dress and Russ would change into his suit before they both emerged and read their vows in front of all of their loved ones!

While I was eagerly waiting to post photos of the decor, I had so much fun reading through the social media posts from all of their guests! There was definitely a lot of genuine surprise and excitement about the turn of events and Kimberley and Russ both looked stunning and oh-so-happy in the photos posted by their guests! This amazing couple was sweet enough to send me some photos of their special day for publishing.

Congrats, Kimberley and Russ! Thank you both for letting me be a part of your fun surprise!

XO, Heather